The Marketing Principles Of Fruit Winder

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The Marketing Principles of Fruit Winder

There are 5 main principles of marketing. They are

* Understanding customer needs.

* Co-ordinating functions to achieve marketing aims.

* Adopting a marketing approach.

* Effective customer communications.

* Constraints.

UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMER NEEDS – Kellogg’s need to identify and
understand the needs of both their existing customers, as well as any
new potential customers. They will need to adapt their marketing
approach to meet the need of these customers. If companies continually
review all aspects of their products, making sure they still meet the
requirements of the customers using the 4 P's, it will help to
increase the number of repeat purchases/orders. Repeat purchases and
orders go towards showing how successful the product is, and how
successfully it is meeting the expectations of the customers.

Based on this principle, we would carry out market research before
choosing the marketing strategy we would use. We would then use the
results from the market research to identify and understand the ways
in which I could improve the product in order for it to meet customer

need to make sure all the different functions within the organisation
work fine together, to help them achieve their marketing aims. Sole
traders will have to do the marketing for their products themselves,
along with all the other functions of the business, for example
finance production, purchasing etc.

Larger organisations will most likely have their own separate
marketing department that will take the whole workload for marketing.
No matter how a marketing department is organised, it must be well
co-ordinated and managed, so that people know what is going on and who
is doing what. There must also be well-defined lines of communication
with other departments throughout the company.

As Kellogg’s is a large organisation, they have a separate marketing
department. It will co-ordinate activities with the other departments
of the business so that each marketing task will be met. For example,
the marketing department will have to work with the Finance function
to organise the funds available, and the funds needed to carry out any
marketing activities. They will also need to work with the Human
Resources department to provide the correct number of properly trained
staff necessary to complete the different tasks required.

ADOPTING A MARKETING APPROACH - There are two main marketing
approaches that businesses use; Product Oriented and Customer
Oriented. The product-oriented approach focuses on the product and not
the market. It does not take into consideration the views/opinions of
the customers. The company may believe that their product is the best
on the...

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