The Market For The School Uniform Business

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The Market for the School Uniform Business

Uniform Co. has operated in this district for the past ten years established itself only within the blue-collar market. Uniform Co.'s uniform producing machines are operating at fifty percent capacity and we have a surplus of employees. To achieve optimum profits the company must ether layoff part of its staff or expand its business into other markets. Uniform Co. has a good reputation of treating its employees well and should continue to do so by expanding into the High school uniform Business.

The market for the school uniform business is growing at a record pace (King 3). Public schools are introducing uniforms into the school environment, and Parochial schools are expanding (Allen 2). Yet these school students have to rely on getting the supplies from out of town retailers. Now is the greatest opportunity to open into the school uniform market. Expansion into this market now is an especially good idea due to the resent development of the 'National Goals Program ' in the U.S.A. (pic 1). Among the policies of the reform is the mandatory use of school uniforms (pic 1). Young adults all have the desire and need to fit in with the norm, and the norm today is to be fashionable. Everyone likes to look great and clothing plays a large part in achieving this goal. What of those children who come from families that lack the financial resources to keep their children in the latest expensive styles? Children from less fortunate families may envy other children's clothing, resulting in dire consequences as pointed out by Keith A. King "children have been violently injured or even murdered for their designer clothes, sneakers, or professional sport team paraphernalia". Knowing the dangers involved one should question, why invite violence upon ones self for a sense of someone else's sense of style or identity? For the aforementioned occurrences school uniforms are the only answer.

Uniform Co.'s Expansion Program

Scope Of The Study

This study investigates the potential market for Uniform Co. to break into the high school uniform industry. The study focuses on high school students parents attitudes toward a school uniform policy, educational institutes willingness to participate in a uniform policy, how this new venture will effect Uniform Co.'s public image, the style and type of uniform that uniform co. should produce to satisfy it's relevant market and how uniform co should implement a uniform program. The only selling area that is considered in this report is the Toronto area as uniform co is a small company that only supplies its wares to businesses within this city. Cost of materials to produce a new style of uniform is not included as it is assumed that Uniform Co. would use it's existing stock to produce the product.

Sources And Methods

Current reports and studies taken from the Internet were consulted for information on school uniform policies and peoples perceptions...

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