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The Marlboro Man And Cigarettes Essay

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According to the Webster dictionary advertisement can be defined as, “something that is shown or presented to the public to help sell a product or to make an announcement.” It is also defined as, “a person or thing that shows how good or effective something is.” Both of these definitions help describe the before and after advertisement of the Marlboro cigarette.
Marlboro started out as a woman’s cigarette and then they completely transformed into a man’s cigarette. The cigarette has a red strip on the tip which was consideration as a way to hide woman’s lipstick when they smoked. They got the idea to change their market from woman to men when a man changed his sex to a female. They had to change it from a tea room smoke to a manly cowboy kind of smoke, so they used a cowboy to do this. This was known as the Marlboro man. He even had a special tattoo in some of the ads that made costumers feel like he was dedicated to his smokes. They kept the red tip to attract the woman, but they made the package manlier. The tough packaging alone made people want to buy the cigarette. They used colors for the writing—red, white, and black—which were found to pull in the smoker. This was tested through consumer surveys and the Color Research Institute. Lastly, Marlboro used their image not only on their package, but they also put their logo on things such as clothes, beach towels, and baseball caps. This happened after advertisement of cigarettes was banned. Marlboro cigarettes were able to completely transform their name; however, I’m not sure they should be considered the best.
Twitchell believes that Marlboro would win if there was an award for the perfect campaign, but I don’t believe he has proven this point. Before reading the article, I had never even heard of Marlboro cigarettes. If they were that great, I would have heard about them like I have Camel, Pall Malls, or Salem. Granted, cigarette advertisement is banned, but somehow those other brands were still able to make their name known in my life. Even without knowing about this cigarette, I should have still been able to be amazed on their transformation, but I wasn’t. Their transformation seemed insufficient. They wanted to attract man, but by doing so, they lost almost all their woman costumers. Before they attracted young woman, now they attract old man. Why would a company want to attract an age group that has less life to live, especially being a smoker? Even though this would be very cruel, a cigarette company should work on attracting younger customers who have more life to smoke. Plus these teenagers will convince their friends to smoke with them, getting the company more customers. This article did not make me awe in amazement at Marlboro, so...

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