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The Martian Chronicles Theme Essay

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In The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury posits that becoming independent is shown as a brave, meaningful choice to take, whether it is for happiness, a worthy cause, or a peaceful life. It is shown that not following the norm and becoming an independent individual can lead to new, enthralling realizations, compelling philosophies, or true happiness. In this science-fiction novel, Bradbury explores this theme recurringly, more specifically in “Silent Towns”, “-And The Moon Be Still As Bright”, and “The Martian”. Written about the future, spanning the years from 1999 to 2026, The Martian Chronicles takes place on both Earth and Mars, telling the tale of the colonization of different planets ...view middle of the document...

The theme of independence occurs again in “-And The Moon Be Still As Bright” during the fourth expedition. Bradbury uses Jeff Spender as an independent figure to show that being alone can make you realize something very important in life, such as a new philosophy. Captain Wilder comes to the conclusion that Spender must be killed, so he goes to find him. When he finds Spender, surprisingly, they have a rational conversation. During this conversation, Spender explains the greatness of the Martian philosophy and their astounding way of life:
“Because I’ve seen that what these Martians had was just as good as anything we’ll ever hope to have. They stopped where we should have stopped a hundred years ago… They knew how to blend art into their living. It’s always been a thing apart for Americans. Art was something you kept in the crazy son’s room upstairs. Art was something you took in Sunday doses, mixed with religion, perhaps. Well, these Martians have art and religion and everything,” (Bradbury 64).
Spender describes the advantages of the Martian philosophy which he only found because he decided to leave his men, his expedition, and his planet. If he had not left, he would not have been able to learn about the Martians and fight for the preservation of their culture. His choices prove that he is an independent thinker, which brought him to an idea he preferred and he admired more than his own, making him a superior being. Spender would rather fight for the Martian culture than sit back and let the conquerors take over.
Another chronicle that includes the theme of independence is “The Martian”. In this chronicle, Bradbury proves once again that independence can feel similar to a utopia through the shape shifting Martian,...

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