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The Mary Helen Washington Story Outobiography By Herself

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Mary Helen WashingtonTo many people today being single is an easy choice they make to have more freedom and fewer responsibilities. Being single does not always mean a positive and easier way of life. About twenty years ago people who were single were segregated and were considered outcasts by the society. There were a few people like Mary Helen Washington who had goals and stuck with them and didn't care about what others thought about them.About twenty to thirty years ago, single men and women were called all kinds of names such as "losers at the marriage game" and were publicly insulted on TV shows. The society was ignorant towards their martial status. When married people encounter with a single person they would right away think that this person has no adult responsibilities and lacks family values. Most of the labeling that the single people got from the society was mainly toward females rather then men.If I was in Mary H. Washington's place in the 80's I probably would have done the exact same thing as she did. The reason for this is because the 80's were the beginning of recognition of the work done by women. After the movements that were created for the women in the previous decades I would go with what I believed in and fallowed my goals disregarding of how people around me would react.Many single women suffered rejection from the society in the 1980's. Women were put on television shows or interviewed my reporters with insulting questions because of their "lack of family values". Single women were looked down upon the fact they couldn't keep a husband or were irresponsible in having a mature adulthood life. Nobody looked at the bright side of being single. For example, women who were single like Mary Helen Washington were able to achieve and focus on achieving their goals in life. Mary H. Washington was able to accomplish everything she wanted out of life. She knew that being bombarded by having a family was going to stop her from achieving her goals, so she and a minority of other women stayed single and focused on completing their life long goals.Men on the other hand, did not really get all the insults that the women got from the people. For single men, being single at the age 35 was a 'cool' thing and these men were called "The Bachelors of The Town" and other complementary names. It was appropriate for a man to be single at any age. Single men in their midlife years were appreciated and respected by everyone. This was how men were because everyone knew that a man can pay for him self keep a house and sleep around with as many women as he wants because he had every quality to be on his own and stand up for his actions. Women were known for not being able to stand on their own two feet. Women needed a man figure to rely on from the basics as carrying heavy loads to bringing money...

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