The Mask Of The Red Death Continues This Assessments Is The Diary Entry Of A Character From The Red Death Assignment

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August 10th, 1635
Last week in the castle, during the prince’s party I went outside the chambers because I wasn’t interested in the party. The people outside were in much more need then us, it had been seven months now and so I talked with the prince about the people out of the castle. The prince did nothing and convinced me that everyone outside would be fine. I wasn’t happy about the party or the idea of hiding from the red death. When I heard the bell from the clock I made my way inside. Before I get in the chambers I heard screams of people then I saw this person killing everyone. I ran away from the chambers but I passed out. Today I woke up to see nobody alive in the castle including the prince. Everyone has vanished. It might be very dangerous outside the castle so I might stay here for my safety.

August 15th, 1635
The castle is very different and doesn’t seem like it used to be. Every place in the castle is dark and spooky. Fortunately I am left with enough food to survive one more month. The absence of other people has led me to talk to myself sometimes as nobody is alive in here. I don’t think I will be alive for a long time; every day is like a nightmare for me. Sometimes I just wish I was dead the night of the party with everyone else, what is the point of being alive at this time when no-one is alive and a deadly disease is waiting outside to kill you in a way no one wishes to die.

September 13th, 1635
I am almost out of food and I think the only hope for me is to go out of the castle. The moment I walked out of the main door of the castle I saw no sign of life it was like nothing had ever been there. It was all...

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