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The Mass Media Monster Essay

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“I’ll never be good enough.” “I’ll neverbe as thin as those girls on TV!” “Talking to new people doesn’t come easy.” “I am disappointed with who I am...” These are some of the unspeakable thoughts that linger throughout the minds of many males and females all across the globe. Many of them are struggling with self-disappointment, depression, social anxiety, anorexia, confusion of expectations, and the fear of being not good enough. All of this has been caused by a monster, possibly one of the most horrifying monsters of all: the mass media monster. The mass media has an extremely negative influence on both males and females which impacts their confidence, self-esteem, and produces increased ...view middle of the document...

A drain in confidence is the result. The same results occur when talented young or unknown athletes see famous athletes getting paid for doing their sport. That unknown athlete may be much more talented and is left having to pay in order to participate in their sport. Then, the athlete will no longer be able to see that they truly are talented, and may drop their sport. The mass media is knocking down the confidence of people at a dangerously high rate.
Confidence is similar to, but not the same as self-esteem. “Self-esteem is the overall emotional evaluation of ones self.”(Marsh).This self-evaluation is being distorted though the eyes of many and the levels of self-esteem all across the world are deteriorating. One reason for this could possibly be the picture perfect body image standards set by the media. The mass media is constantly projecting images or figures of a specific body type, sending a message across that this body image is what defines beauty. This body image is usually unattainable leaving the fragile thoughts of males and females into believing they will never be beautiful, and will never reach the mass medias exceptions. The same thing goes with the colour, shape, and size of eyes, lips, nose, and ears. If ones facial features have not been defined as beautiful by the media, one is left believing they are not good enough. The images of celebrities are often graphically altered as well, making the look even less realistic than it already is. Not reaching the mass medias definition of beauty, which is being drilled into our brains day in and day out, is making society frown upon themselves and their self-esteems are diminishing. All of these negative impacts caused by the mass media are truly horrible, serious, and heartbreaking, however there is one more result that has occurred due to the monster; increased health risks.
From the occurrence of the mass media pounding society’s self-esteem and confidence, there have been increased health risks. This is one of the most serious impacts of all. To start with, one health risk that has been impacted by the mass media is males and females decisions and actions with alcohol and drugs. Many movies, shows, or commercials show people having a better time under the influence of drugs or alcohol. People then think this is what they should do in order to have a good time. As a result, many have become alcoholics or drug...

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