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The Masses: Medias Vice Grip On Our Identities

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As we sign up for accounts on Facebook or other media outlets, we are digging a bigger hole. The media’s influence has locked us into an impersonal world of social interaction. This impersonal world holds no real emotion that is embodied in us and that stems from us. Throughout the course of history, until the last ten years, our experiences have become trumped or overtaken by the medias vice grip. Once we decide to like a photo over Facebook or another social networking platform, we begin to embark on a journey filled with duplicative, pit-less emotion e.g.“ Oh Jenny loves her cat tiger.” “ I think I like her cat too and to express that emotion I will proceed to hit the like button.” The teenager who happened to like the photo is tangled inside of other people’s past experiences and emotions, that’s placing a sort of social currency with no real or intrinsic value into a bank of trotted upon wealth. Another habitual user of social media will use the coin deposited by the teenager, who happens to have logged on at the exact time the teenager liked the photo of Jenny’s cat named tiger, will decide to like that photo as well. The person who liked the photo harbors these other individuals’ thoughts commences a trying frenzy of thought and emotions will be relayed back and forth ad nausea over this fabricated, blunt network of information. What is now deemed as the real challenge for the citizens stunted by media is to make use of the components of social networking platforms that the media has laid out for use while emphasizing the need for people to voice their opinions in order to foster intellectual growth. For example, a bystander could use Facebook to create a status depicting a first hand glimpse into the daily exhibits of American liberty that occur during the Occupy Wall street rallies. The status could be along the lines of “ Down with corporate greed” “ Down with the big man’s lavish returns” “Up with the revival of pure moral consciousness and posturing wealth back into the eyes of American’s without basic grounds for food, water, shelter, clothes and the variety of necessity’s we as human beings need to get by in this baron dominating world. In this world its is deemed acceptable by the government for corporate fat cats to squander money to supply there own interests that come secondary to the human existence. Come join the movement good people!” Once this thought provoking and riling of excitement amongst the minds of the masses, is presented, especially to the lower and middle classes, via a status update over Facebook to be viewed by the public, one person could then view this status on their news feed and start to feel a burning sense of obligation to pick up a sign and congregate with the thousands of people positioned in Lower Manhattan. The status viewer’s mission would then be to rile up a renewed sense of passion for re-obtaining the core values in the message America has been founded upon, “Liberty and Justice for all.”

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