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For centuries people have given a diverse collection of theories as to how the ancient pyramids were constructed. The Great Pyramid of Giza is truly an incredible architectural accomplishment. This pyramid in particular is commonly referred to as the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Some believe that the Egyptians had developed technology that has simply been lost in time. Others think they had help from extraterrestrial beings. The reality of the construction relied on human labor. The egyptians must have developed an intelligent technique to create such a vast structure. A great amount of resources were used not only in the construction of The Great Pyramid, but also in employing civilians to supply the construction workers. The purpose of The Great Pyramid is also highly controversial. Although the typical perception regarding the use of the pyramids is religious, some also suggest astronomical functions. The ancient Egyptians were extremely intelligent in the subject of math, and its believed that they incorporated mathematical functions into the pyramids. The creation and use of the pyramids show the values of the egyptians regarding their culture, social classes, and economics. The purpose of this paper is to determine how The Great Pyramid was constructed, and figure what the different ancient societies plausibly used pyramids for.
Although every idea of how the pyramids were constructed are simply theories, there are some more logical then others. For instance, the most illogical theory is that aliens helped that ancient egyptians construct the pyramids. This theory is a joke, and can actually be easily dismissed and disproven. There are many tools that archeologists found that link directly to the old kingdom. There are also flaws in the construction of the pyramids regarding the placement of bricks. There are gaps between some causing rocks and rubble to fall through.1 A theory that makes the most scientific sense is a system of man power and ramps. This theory suggests that crews of men pushed limestone blocks up slick ramps. These ramps were constructed with mud brick and coated with plaster to stiffen the material.2 This method is more then just another theory because at least one of these ramps still stands today.3 By constantly rising the ramp while constructing the pyramid, fitting a large brick into its proper spot wouldn’t be too difficult.
The environment surrounding the Egyptians was certainly utilized in many ways. The Egyptians used the surrounding environment to provide the resources needed for their construction. In order to obtain these massive stones to build with, tools and other rocks were used for extraction. The Egyptians developed a rather genius method of extracting these rocks by ramming wooden pegs into slots they had cut out, and filling these slots with water. The pegs would expand thus splitting the stone.4 Another way the Egyptians used the environment was for means of transportation....

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