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Technology is a contemporary artefact, which is constantly evolving in our modern day world. There has been an increase of companies appointed to sell innovative technology to hungry consumers. Apple, a multi- billion-dollar industry has contributed largely to the reconstructed views society has placed on technology. Doing so by crafting a range of products, such as mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and portable music devices that are each ingenious, practical, and sleek in design. The ability for these products to undertake a range of functions has thus attracted a large scope of audiences and consequently changed the way in which we live.

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Apple products have rapidly changed the way in which we live, intelligibly by integrating technology into every aspect of our lifestyle .
Image 1 - The first Macintosh computer

In today’s world, technology, in specific Apple products have become extremely valued by society, particularly by the younger generation. In my survey, comprised of 99, 12 to 17 year old girls (Figure 1), it was discovered that 67.67% of participants valued their Apple products an 8 or more, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being of highest value. These results show to a large degree how Apple products have become such an essential component of our lives; as well as indicate how society, significantly the younger demographic have began to treasure these appliances. A further survey conducted by ‘the intelligence group’, on the children of today, uncovered that two thirds of children aged 7-13 would prefer a tech gadget rather than a toy to play. These results further determine the changing culture of youth in today’s world.

Figure 1 – A graph indicating the results from my survey.

Since the release of devices such as the first iPhone in June of 2007. , and the iPad, in April 2010 , technology usage has become even greater. The 24-hour accessibility, has transformed the way in which we live. It has allowed for us to be constantly acquainted with family and friends, as well as receive instant updates on global and local issues. As Jason, a ‘genius’ at the Apple Store in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, puts it, “Apple has transformed the concept of our day to day lifestyles… we are interconnected with the world like never before… I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

In today’s society, technology is constantly (has predominantly) becoming a large factor of everyday life; this is evident in my survey where I discovered that 84.85% of girls spent a duration of 4 or more hours on their Apple products, daily. This indicates the high dependency young girls have on technology, in particular Apple products, as well as the alluring concept of spending prolonged time on these devices.

Figure 2 - A graph indicating the results from the survey conducted.

Question 2: What are the positives and negatives of this change?
Since the release of Apple products, technology usage has increased rapidly. With this growth, both positive and negative repercussions have become apparent. Society has responded extremely well to the growing rate of technological items, happily educating themselves to work and navigate new devices.

Technology has led to many positive outcomes in today’s society, in a range of aspects, including communication, businesses and education. Firstly, the increase of applications available for communication is startling, allowing for us to keep in contact with people on the other side of the world, via real time video, or...

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