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The Matriarchs Of The House Essay

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In A Raisin in the Sun by Loraine Hansberry, the three strong-willed women of the story have varying opinions, views, and beliefs on life. The story is set in the Southside of Chicago, Illinois. The Younger’s are an African-American family that has struggled to survive financially for many years. With a large injection of money from Mr. Younger’s death, the family struggles to make a unanimous decision on what they will use the 10,000 dollars for. The three major female characters differ in a variety of ways. The author portrays the generation gap and logic of the women by showing Beneatha’s, Ruth’s, and Lena’s (“Mama”) similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses, and reveals the ...view middle of the document...

She works outside of the home in order to provide financial support to the family. Ruth mainly serves as the peacemaker and the problem solver in her household. For example, if someone in the apartment is arguing, she tries to resolve the issue. This differs from the other women because she tries to be practical and stop the fighting; whereas, the other women would state their strong opinion that would stand without argument. Lena or “Mama” is also unlike the other women. She is extremely nurturing, and she will try to do anything to help or children or grandchildren. For instance, she wants to use her portion of the insurance money to buy a nice living space with plenty of room of each person of the family. Mitchell agrees by saying, “[Mama] buys the house as a step toward the creation and fruition of more dreams for herself, her children, and her grandchildren.” Lena is an example of the older generation, and she is old-fashioned. She wants everything to be done her way because she believes it is correct technique.
Each of the women has strengths and weaknesses. Beneatha’s major strength is she is daring. She is willing to go out into a white world and try to survive in the work force. Although African Americans are not popular during the 1950’s, Beneatha pushes through and thrives in everything she puts her mind to. Everyone in her family seems beneath her due to her high level of education. Beneatha represents the change of the world and the American Dream. She is the new generation. Her only weakness that is that she does not have the cooperation to compromise with her family. She is iron-willed, and nothing will change her views on things such as religion and how the world should be. Following Beneatha, Ruth also has strengths and weaknesses. Her strength is that she is a motivator. She stimulates the family to do better for themselves. She pushes the family to work hard so they can achieve the goal of getting a bigger home and not being deprived of any necessities. Ruth’s main weakness is that she is pregnant right now. In the future, she will have to struggle to support all of her family plus another...

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