The Maya: What Was Their Greatest Achievement?

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Throughout time, there are many instances of early civilizations accomplishing breathtaking feats that we find awe worthy even today. These cultures helped shape humanity as a whole, and paved the way for people everywhere. Of these early cultures, one of the most remarkable was undoubtedly the Mayans. The Mayans lived in Mesoamerica, around Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. They were an isolated group of people that thrived on farming and raised crops such as Maize, Beans, and Chili Peppers. They also Fished often and hunted Deer and other woodland creatures.
The culture of the Mayans gradually uplifted, and the peak of their civilization appeared during the Classic Age ...view middle of the document...

The Mayan day was only .0002 off of our modern day. This was surprisingly accurate, and people marvel on its genius still.
Another one of the Maya’s most amazing achievements are its fantastic architectural buildings. As stated in Document B, the creations of the Mayans housed thousands of people and were built with pure manpower. The Maya built cities that were occupied by tens of thousands of people with palaces, pyramids, temples, and various other ritualistic buildings. The creation of these structures needed great organization, a large workforce, and widespread skill. The scale and effort of the architecture is so great that it’s still studied in today’s society.
The Mayans also created elaborate trade systems that spread out throughout almost all of Mesoamerica. This system spread throughout hundreds and thousands of miles and helped the Mayans trade valuable goods like Cocoa, Honey, Animal Skins, Jade, Cotton, Feathers, Salt, and even Obsidian. These routes helped better their society because it gave all of the people all of the resources necessary for them to survive. The Mayans didn’t even use animal labor to...

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