The Maze Runner And The Scorch Trials

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Doomsday. Armageddon. 2012. The end of the world or the apocalypse is known by its many names and has become an extremely viral subject for this generation. But, imagine living in a world not playfully joking around about the apocalypse, but strategically trying to survive it. This is the harsh reality for Thomas, a teenager living in a virus polluted and self-destructing planet. A deadly disease has broken out called “the flare” which causes the most sane and rational people to become raging and hysterical flesh eaters. Not only has the virus taken the lives of millions, but the extreme climates have also killed the few remaining. In the novels The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, Thomas and his friends will have to fight to survive a world taken over by the sick and protect one other from those who say they want to help. The two novels share a touching story of young lives entwined during a difficult time and the lengths the characters go through in order to survive the apocalypse. The ultimate question within these novels is what is one willing to risk in order to survive? Within the novels The Death Cure and The Scorch Trials, Thomas is forced to fight for his survival on a daily basis, and in doing so he is constantly faced with either having to betray those closest to him, or remain the honest and true man he is, in order to survive. Within these novels, relationships are tested to such extremes that the repercussions of each survival based decision the characters make have the possibility of endangering the lives of those closest to them, but ultimately is a test to see who remains true to themselves and does not sell out their friends or themselves.

In the novel The Scorch Trials, Thomas unknowingly awakens within the confines of an old building where he and his friends are surrounded by hundreds of diseased individuals wanting to get in. Fortunately, each exit is either locked or blocked off by ravenous cannibals struggling to get in. When anyone is in a situation where their life is at stake, they are willing to do anything, even if that means they have to kill. Each character within the novel knows they must escape and survive by any means even if that means they have to go against their ethics to do so. Thomas and his fellow friends, who were once everyday teenagers, are now the “lucky few” who were chosen by scientists to help determine a cure for “The Flare”, a degenerative brain disease. Therefore, accepting their circumstances and not wanting to fail, the young boys set out knowing there only challenge is to survive The Scorch Trials. This particular challenge is to somehow manage to get across a giant quarantined “flare” city to The Crisis Department Centre over 300 miles away, within a span of three weeks. Thomas, the main protagonist convinces the young men in his group to work together instead of against each other to escape the building:

The Creators did this to us! They want us to die; we have to show them...

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