The Maze Runner Critical Analysis

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The Maze Runner is taken place in the post-apocalyptic era. The characters are in the middle of a massive maze. The shelter in the middle is called the Glade.
The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas who is brought to a place called the Glade. He arrives there in a big elevator that they call the Box. Thomas has no memory about how he got in the Box or who he is. The only thing he knows is his name. When he gets out of the Box he is greeted by a group of about 50 teenage boys called the Gladers. He is overwhelmed with all the new information about the society.
The Glade is a settlement in the middle of a huge maze. No one knows how they got there and why they are ...view middle of the document...

Minho splits up and leaves Thomas with a useless Alby. He manages to survive the night and save Alby from the Griever. He lived through the night because he was able to fool the Grievers to run off the Cliff. After the morning, Minho sees Thomas’s potential of being a Runner and gives him the job.
On one of his runs, Thomas discovers a translucent hole which is the Grievers Hole. When he gets back, the girl, Teresa, speaks to him telepathically saying that she has triggered the ending. She wakes up and they talk about their connection. The same night, the gates do not close and they are left to fight off the monsters. One of the Gladers brings a message saying that one person will die every night. When the Grievers raided the Glade, a boy sacrificed himself, being the one to die that night. Thomas has an idea and tries to find a message using the maps of the maze. He and a few others figure out the code, but are clueless on what to do next.
Thomas has clarity on what his next move should be and decides to get stung by a Griever to remember that past. After he is stung and goes through the Changing, he orders
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everyone to go the Griever Hole, jump in, and type in the code. The Gladers agree and go to the Hole.
When they get there, all the Grievers are out to greet them. Alby offers his life to be the one person to die that night, but the Grievers start a battle with all the Gladers. As the Battle is going on, Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck jump through the hole and type in the code. When the code is completed, the Grievers stop working and a passage opens. During the fight, half of the Gladers die. The remainder of the Gladers goes the in passage and find the Creators. A Glader, who was thought to be dead, was there. He throws a knife at Thomas, but Chuck blocks the knife with his body. As Thomas fights the killer, a group of people invade the room and attacks the Creators. The people who raided the building put all the boys and Teresa on a bus and bring them to shelter. They feel safe but still confused on what had just happened. For the time being, they are just glad that they are out of the maze.
One of the strong points in The Maze Runner is that it is unpredictable. There are so many shocking twists and surprises. You want to keep reading to see what will happen next. A weak point in the book was that it could be confusing. When it was describing something, I had a hard time picturing it in my mind.
Thomas begins as the new clueless Glader. As he slowly learns more about the Glade and the maze, he feels like it is familiar. He also knows that he somehow is the key in escaping the maze. He is a smart and curious boy who is always looking for answers. Thomas starts to fulfill the role...

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