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There are many different cultures making up the world that we live in. Some can be experienced right where you live, while others are in another state or even country. Even though there are so many unique cultures in our world, it is hard for us to think of something as simple as McDonald’s being any different than our own. McDonald’s is something that many people in America have been to and experienced for themselves, but not many people can say they have experienced it some place else such as France or China. While we have our own thoughts and views of McDonald’s in America, McDonald’s tends to vary based on each ones location and surrounding culture.
Richard and James McDonald founded McDonald’s in 1948; they began the McDonalds franchise in 1953. It became a self-service drive-in restaurant with nine menu items. It quickly grew in popularity; by 1958 they sold their 100 millionth burger, and by 1959 opened their 100th restaurant in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Because so many people enjoyed coming to McDonald’s, they introduced indoor seating in 1962. It was a hit and by 1967 McDonald’s had become international in Canada and Puerto Rico. Their most popular item, the Big Mac, was introduced in 1968 and ten years later they opened their 5,000th restaurant in Japan. Today, McDonalds is currently in 119 countries. McDonald’s has a rapidly growing history and continues to grow today. (Wikipedia) In Michigan alone, McDonald’s has 631 locations. (Menuism)
In America, McDonald’s is known for being inexpensive with a variety of items to choose from. You can get anything from burgers and fries to pancakes and sausage. McDonald’s has become the most visited restaurant with large portions and cheap prices regardless of its image of being unhealthy and low quality. There are many arguments made over how the food is produced and that it is bad for us to eat, and yet Americans continue to eat here day after day. McDonald’s is slowly trying to portray itself as being healthier by adding better options such as apples and salads. They even got rid of the choice to “supersize” your meal in March of 2004. (Wikipedia) Overall, McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that may not serve the best food, but its low prices and convenience keep us coming back for more.
The first McDonald’s to open in France was in Creteil in 1972, however it did not have very much success. The French saw this as trying to Americanize their country and most would not eat here. McDonald’s recognizes its official opening in 1979 when they tried again in Strasbourg with a much better outcome. (Beardsley) The French still wanted to hold on to their culture even if they were eating at an American restaurant so they started to call it McDo. Although many French were reluctant against this Americanization, it did not stop the rapid growth. In 2008, 30 franchises were opened and in present day France there are about 1,200 total. (Beardsley)
When you visit a McDonald’s in France, you might...

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