The Meadow Pond Essay

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A short walk to Meadow Pond: following the stone wall up the dirt road, FOR SALE sign next to an empty house with a clear-cut yard. Struggling to escape the perpetual thoughts that always seem to pull me in – where do we go from here? – a golden smile in the afternoon sunlight – branded to my mind like a red hot iron, trying to dismiss them. Looking up at the road ahead of me, I smile – only thoughts. The cold air hits the skin of my face and I stick my hands in my pockets. Pete, our neighbor, pops out of the bend in the road, walking his old black lab. “No camera today?” he shouts out. “No, just a notebook,” I reply. “Do you have a lot of homework?” he asked concerned. “It’s good work.”

Turning the bend, Meadow Pond can be seen through the trees and the viewable side by the road is brilliantly illuminated by the soft gray light of the day – a refrain from the thoughts that had riddled my head. Remembering the year my parents bought two kayaks – pushing off into the blanket of water lilies, an incredible feeling of euphoria when I was lucky enough to see a blue heron take off into the sky, and sounds of animals bigger than me. Suddenly the black power lines cut the scene into two parts, black lines reflected in the mirror-like pond water, providing electricity, spoiling my view. Looking up to see the cold, black metal cellphone tower piercing through the top of Mt. Kearsarge: trying to remember, without luck, the days when I only saw the Mountain. The mountain my dad had carried me up on his broad shoulders, wanting me to see the top one more time before they would install the cutting-edge technology on the peak. That god damn tower my dad fought so hard to prevent.

Turning away: bush-whack down the slope to the bank of the hidden pond on the other side of the road, fed by the first pond through a culvert under the dirt road. A small impacted clearing made over the fall invites me to sit down. Laying in between dried golden rod, crisp grass on pine cones, brown beech, oak, and maple leaves, neon electric orange-salmon clouds like dry brush strokes curve upwards away from bare naked trees. Like skeletons, black coils twist upwards towards the sky. Only a few tress still bare...

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