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"The Meanest Things To Say" By Bill Cosby.

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The story I am presenting is The Meanest Thing To Say by Bill Cosby. In this story Little Bill encounters a bully at school. He is caught up in a game that will hurt the feelings of anyone who plays. In his efforts to make sure he is not hurt he learns a different game from his dad that will help him feel better about himself and teach the bully that the are other ways to make friends without controlling them.Several key words throughout the story with denotative and connotative meanings are one of the major structural components of this story. The first words are "start trouble." The denotative meaning of start is, to begin. The denotative meaning of trouble is, to disturb the mental calm. The connotative meaning is, "bully." The next word is, "better," denotative meaning is, of superior quality. The connotative meaning is, "I control." Another set of words "I 'couldn't' do my homework" has the denotative meaning of; I 'cannot' do my homework. The connotative meaning is, "my mind is on something else." The next word, "ready" is used twice. The denotative meaning is, completely prepared. The first connotative meaning is "I want to win." The second meaning is "my dad helped me feel secure." The word "So" is used over and over again. The denotative meaning is, in the way or manner indicated. There are several connotative meanings for example; "what difference does that make" or "and your point is?"The next two major structural components of this story are the persona and the locus. This story is told by Little Bill, which means the persona of this book is in the first person. There are four loci in this story, Little Bill's classroom, the playground, his bedroom and the kitchen.The last major structural component is the climax of the story. There are several small climaxes throughout the story. The first is at the end of the first confrontation with Michael when Michael points his finger at Little Bill and say's "I'm not finished with you." The next one is when Little Bill is upset with his dad because he does not seem to understand his problem at school and all he can say is "so." He say's "When I looked around the table, everyone was smiling." The main climax of this story comes at the end of Michael's outburst. He wants to be in control and is trying to get Little Bill to play the game his way. When Little Bill does not get upset, only says "so," and laughs at him, Michael does not know what to do. At the end of his tirade he shouts "What's wrong with you anyway?" This is where the conclusion of the story starts.The most obvious major aesthetic component of this story is variety and contrast. The variety between the characters is shown when Michael wants everyone to play the game, Playing the Dozens. Little Bills friends Jose and Andrew are easily influenced and start right away. Little Bill and his cousin Fuchsia are not impressed with the game so they don't. The contrast is between Little Bill and Michael. Little Bill is a friend to many and...

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