The Meaning And Significance Of Hajj For A Muslim

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The Meaning and Significance of Hajj for a Muslim

When Muslims do Hajj they are following the example of the Prophet
Muhammad and the peoples of his time. People have always done Hajj in
Makkah but Muhammad brought Islam back to it and made Hajj how god
intended it (like it was in the times of Ibrahim, Adam and Eve).
Muhammad had set a perfect example for all Muslims and today they will
do the same as Muhammad did. Because Muslims believe you follow Islam
perfectly like Muhammad did then you will be accepted through the
gates of heaven.

A Muslim will do the Ihram firstly because of the example of Muhammad
and because it's God's will. Muslims put on the white garments of
Ihram to remove the world's possessions and set free the obsession of
material goods. This also helps to keep equality among the Muslims, If
all people where white sheets then they have no proof of wealth or
poverty. The white garments they must wear are purely white, this
shows how a Muslim must focus on God and God alone. This is due to
colours and patterns on other clothing may be distracting and this
would prevent Muslims from being able to purely concentrate on God.
White also represents purity because the colour itself is pure and if
a Muslim wears white the he or she can become 'pure'. Plus white is
also one shade and one colour which links to the Muslim community
being as one and God as being one and one alone. The clothes worn on
Ihram will be the same clothes a Muslim will wear on their day of
death. They will also be taken to God on judgement day in this attire.
The rules of Ihram should keep the peace between pilgrims on Hajj and
this helps create a bond between one another and to get on better with
each other which reinforces the Islam community and makes it easier
for them to worship God as a whole.

A Muslim will not cut their hair or fingernails because they believe
that while they are on Hajj they should not interfere with Nature and
be how God intended them to. This will bring a pilgrim closer to God.

They will do Hajj barefoot, again to show that they are all equal and
have to be pure before God. Plus the rules of Ihram will help to keep
a Muslim on the straight path of life (Shariah).This means they will
be able to set examples to other Muslims and become truly humble
before Allah.

The Talbiyah is repeated as Muslims enter Makkah to keep their mind on
God and their submission and mercy before him. This shows that they
recognize he is responsible for the Earth, all that is great, that
they are his servants and that he has no equal. These are the Key
parts of Islam.

The Tawaf represents the eternity of God. A circle has no beginning or
no end it is forever, like God. Muslims circle the Ka'bah in an anti
clockwise direction because it is the example of Muhammad and Adam and

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