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Throughout history, women have been looked upon as sources of beauty. From medieval times, the women that are remembered and well-documented in poetry and story-telling are presumably all one thing: beautiful. A woman’s beauty does not simply represent their physical beauty, but the knowledge, power, personality, and even hardships that woman has endured. Strong, significant women from this time and prior periods have entire works of literature dedicated to their beauty and appearance. Goddesses, such as Aphrodite or Venus, the Virgin Mary, Nature; these women are central figures in the beginning of the Anno Domini era, through medieval literature, all the way to present day. In medieval times, ‘everyday’ women in the literature are even described by their beauty. Women who have the strong, driving roles in works of this time period impart wisdom, kindness, the feeling that although men were the superior gender, the women are still the ones who bring life to this world and make this life worth living. In the writing’s of Boethius, Alan de Lille, and Chaucer, there are three women whose beauty and physical characteristics are central in the understanding of their personalities and the works themselves. The women are that of Lady Philosophy, Nature, and the White Queen. Each woman’s beauty is described to that of which the author wanted the reader to focus on in the woman’s personality: intellect in Lady Philosophy, the high status once held and the role as mother by Nature, and the good heart and kindness in the White Queen.
In Boethius’, The Consolation of Philosophy, Lady Philosophy is given the briefest physical description out of the three allegorical women, but holds the most symbolism. Lady Philosophy’s beauty is meant to emanate her as a divine and powerful being. Her gaze is penetrating, her face, timeless, yet young, and her height that of an ordinary woman, but also of a woman so tall she reaches the heavens. It has been said that the eyes are windows to the soul. Lady Philosophy’s penetrating gaze not only gives insight to her strong, captivating soul, but that she wields the power to gaze into other’s eyes and truly see. For that is the true power of Philosophy. Philosophy allows mere humans to try and decipher the meaning of ideas such as existence, happiness, and knowledge. Examinations of the deepest parts of the soul are needed to find any of those answers. Her face is timeless because Philosophy has always been there. Since the beginning of existence there has been the question of: Who are we? What have we come from? And the simple question of, why? In addition, every day there are new ideas and concepts to explore and philosophize. That is the reason for her young appearance. Her height symbolizes Lady Philosophy is the connection of humans to that of the Gods and their knowledge. She fits perfectly in our world and among the Gods. The only defining feminine feature of Lady Philosophy is the dress...

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