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The Meaning Of A Language Learner

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Throughout one’s daily life, communication is present in the interaction between their environment and between other people. It is the act of imparting or exchanging information and conveying ideas and feelings (Oxford Dictionary). To carry out communication one needs language, which is a method of communication, either spoken or written, consisting of using words in a structured and conventional way (Oxford Dictionary). People, as they interact with others and with their environment, are considered communicators because they impart information, ideas, or feelings with the use of language. However in order to communicate effectively, one must explore the parameters of language and ...view middle of the document...

The more people understand about the possibilities (and impossibilities) languages offer, the better they understand humans and their uniqueness (Beach, Purpose of). It is essential in everyday life and it is through language that people discover the different cultures around the world. Through language and communication, new ideas and concepts move from one community to another.
A learner is a person who is acquires a subject or a skill through study, experience, or teaching. Each learner has his or her own method of learning. The most basic methods include: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. A visual learner is one who learns more effectively through the use of demonstrations and visually pleasing materials (Solomon, Characteristics of). Auditory learners learn material more effectively by listening and conversing (Solomon, Characteristics of). Kinesthetic learners learn more effectively through the use of hands-on demonstrations (Solomon, Characteristics of). In the case of ESL learners, they become more effective communicators with the use of one or all of these learning methods.
A language learner is a person who learns a language through study, experience, or teaching in order to communicate effectively with others and with his or her environment. Every person is considered a language learner because each person has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to speak his or her first language. However...

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