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The Meaning Of Christmas: Personal Essay

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Everybody knows that Christmas is about giving presents to the loved ones but who is really considering the real meaning of Christmas? We spend several days to make our houses clean, to look for presents for our family and friends, to find a proper outfit for the modern Christmas party. The most important thing about this holiday is totally forgotten. This is the day when our Savior Jesus Christ was born.
I may not be the most religious person, but Christmas represents a special moment of the year for me. Of course that I do spend many days to find the perfect gift for my mother and my father and I may not have enough money to buy what I had in my mind. The perfect gift for me is to see their amazement when they open their gifts from me. It is said that the intention matters the most and this is entirely true because it is a blessing for someone to appreciate the little things in life that make our life better.
I know that this custom of giving and receiving gifts comes from the Romans. Back in those days, they used to offer some symbolic objects to one another at the beginning of the New Year, but because the priests couldn’t agree upon this, this custom was moved on December 25th to be celebrated in the same time with the Nativity. This could be a suitable occasion to mark the joy and gratitude which are brought by this religious event.
Santa Claus is known to be the white-bearded chubby old man, dressed in a red coat with white collar and cuffs, black leather belt and boots who brings gifts to children all around the world. There are many beautiful stories to be told about this Christmas character: how he travels by a magical sleigh pulled by a team of nine flying reindeer so that he can reach each house to give presents to the well-behaved children, the idea that he comes down a chimney to place his...

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