The Meaning Of Friendship In A Social Networked World, By Alex Pattakos

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In “The Meaning of Friendship in a Social Networked World,” Alex Pattakos illustrates his belief that social media is diminishing the quality of true friendship. Pattakos uses quotations from sources such as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who believes in the importance of true friendship. Pattakos uses these sources, known by a diverse audience to make the readers believe that through social media connection, true friendship is dying away. He argues that through various social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn we are “transforming our modern-day notion of friendship.” The use of ethos helps Pattakos’ argument by crediting him of his beliefs.
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He hopes for the audience to understand that meaningful relationships are fostered over time, rather than through a few, short conversations in cyberspace.
Pattakos attempts to persuade the audience by using credible sources and quotations of how friendship is no longer the same as described by Aristotle. However, Pattakos has no use of pathos in his use of style. By using this information and correlating it with the emotion true friendships have on us, he could have appealed to the emotion the readers feel towards their own friendships.
To further his argument in the face of the audience, Pattakos relies on an article in USA Today by Mark Vernon, who addresses the rising influence of social media amongst the population. Vernon goes on to state, “just as our lives are becoming more technologically connected, we’re losing other more meaningful relationships. Yes, we’re losing our friends,” (Pattakos 211). With Vernon’s remarks in mind, Pattakos furthers his point that real human contact is being replaced by technological social connections. He holds true that this type of friendship does not provide the same benefits as having face-to-face interactions with true friends. Still relying on ethos, the research Pattakos conducts leads him to work published in the American Sociological Review, which illustrates that “the average American has only two close friends and some twenty-five percent don’t have any friends. We’re effectively living alone in the midst of a socially...

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