The Meaning Of Music To You In Your Life University Of Iowa Assignment

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Mus 1303: 0A04
Music in my life
Music plays an important role in our daily life. Without music, our life will become boring. Can you imagine there is no opening theme, ending theme and background music when you watch a movie? My answer is no. In my opinion, if without these music, the movie will become insipid and boring although it has splendid plots. Thus, our life cannot leave away from music.
Music is one of the most essential things in my life. I like listening to music when I drive, take a shower, have meals, etc. My life would be empty without rhythms and melodies. When my mom was pregnant, she liked to listen to music. I think I was addicted to music from that time because my mom told me that she could feel baby’s movement when she played music. When I was young, I would move my body to follow the rhythm as music sounded. I studied guitar by myself since I want to play my favorite songs. Nowadays, playing guitar is one of my relaxing ways. Music is a universal language in the world. Authors can through music express their thoughts. Audience can understand the meanings what authors want to express through melodies and rhythms, although people from different countries speak different language. For instance, Bridal Chorus is a famous music which is always played in the wedding. I believe as the prelude sounds, people will know that bride is coming.
In addition, music has the ability to influence people’s emotion. For example, a...

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