The Meaning Of Sexuality In Today's Society

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The Meaning of Sexuality in Today's Society

In today’s society things are being expressed and experienced at younger ages, than ever before in our time. Children and teenagers are discovering their sexuality at very early ages. Sexuality is the discovering of who you are and what makes you different from everybody else.
Basically, discovering and accepting your sexuality is the gateway to adulthood.. Sexuality is the most profound meeting place of nature and culture. (Bordo 1) Sexuality permits us to be honest with ourselves and the people around us. Teenage sexuality involves many things, such as, the actual definition of sex, what factors influence teen attitudes, the information teenagers should know, the effects of society, alternative sexuality, and difference in genders.
What is sex and sexuality, and how would I define it? Sex seems to be a subject that society is becoming a little less shy to talk about. It should be an openly topic we could talk about, yes it is a personal act, but many young people have questions and wonders about sex. Sex is the act of two people engaging in sexual intercourse. That is my definition of sex, but sex has different definitions and meanings depending on who the person is. Sexuality as I stated above, is the discovering your identity, figuring out who you are. Sexuality consist of procreation, love, pleasure, and indentity. (Laack 1) Sex and sexuality are closley realated to each other, you get one with the other. Sexuality is a state of confusion for many teenagers they not sure about what is going on with their emotion, their hormones are flying in every direction possible. Another thing we should discuss about things that are common among teenagers, is masturbation, it’s a regular sexual expression during childhood. This is an awkard subject for many people to discuss, it’s a very personal and could be embarassing act. A survey showed on the average a male masturbates five times per week. Statitistics show that all males masturbate and four out of five females masturbate. Masturbation is a solution for sexual tension and self-stimulation. Some sex therapist believe tha tpeople who don not masturbate during adolexcence may be missing an important element in their sexual development. Also, sexuality is closey tied in with religion, morality, and culture. These three things are important aspects of a person’s life. So, in that case sexuality is a big deal, because it is hard enough to be a teenager without the worries about sex and fantasies.
There are many things that influence a person’s sexuality, ecspecially teenagers. This is correct because teenagers, want so badly to fit in. They want to be the in crowd not the out crowd. We the society is in the middle of major changes, people are starting to see the world differently and what we use to see as reality, is no longer what the younger generation is seeing as reality. Reality has changed because sex is no...

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