The Meaning Of The Word Andragogy

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The word andragogy means; “the methods or techniques used to teach adults”. ( When looking at how adults learn, andragogy emphasizes the value of the process of learning. It uses approaches to learning that are problem-based and collaborative rather than didactic, and also emphasizes more equality between the teacher and learner. The teacher has to understand who they are teaching too and how that student learns the material that is being taught. There needs to be an understanding between the teacher and student on what is expected in the classroom and how the learning objectives can be reached on a level that is understood, analyzed, and retained. The term andragogy looks at this and how adult are supposed to learn.
Traditional Learning Context
While attending Kent State University, all marketing managers had to take Economics I and II. The class was not an overly big class, maybe holding 20 students. This was an evening lecture class and one that was extremely dry and some would say very boring. The instructor was very dry in his presentation style, voice very monotone, and all his examples were in reference to beer or alcohol. So if he was talking about supply and demand, then his example would be something like; college students want beer and the bars have it so they go to the bars to consume the beer hence lining the pockets of the bars and beer companies. I can understand the reason the instructor used the alcohol reference, he was trying to keep our interest or at least break it down in a way that the students could understand it. The textbook read like stereo instructions and all lecture notes were either written on the board with chalk or with transparencies. The problem with his examples were that he was not hitting every students learning styles or interest. According to the actual definition of andragogy, it is looking at the methods to teach adults. The instructor was only trying to meet objectives and regurgitate information. There was no understanding us as students or what appealed to us, there was no thinking outside the box in teaching methods.
Andragogy Reflection
The question is, how does an instructor make Economics I and II exciting and entertaining for students? There is already one strike against the instructor in terms of these classes are a required class. So students are going into this class with the mentality that they may not enjoy or like the class, but they have to take it. So how can this class be more beneficial to the students taking the class? Some suggestions on delivering course objectives could be; develop rapport with students to have more open discussion of core concepts. Assign topics for students to look up and hold open discussion next class period, the instructor can intervene as needed with examples. Case studies may work very well in this type of class setting as well. Assign students outside research to conduct on a case study, have the...

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