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The word work can be examined from the perspective of a verb or a noun. In my opinion, the word work in the form of a verb is more important in our society. It has several meanings, such as to have a job, to exert or cause effort, or to function. I believe that work involves at least one person exerting effort to complete a task. It is important to understand that one does not have to physically go to a job site and get paid to do work. However, you can sell your ability to work in order to receive money or other benefits. I will first discuss how the definition of work is shaped by the social and cultural context in which a person is embedded; second, why people choose to work; and finally, the meaning work has in my life.How a person perceives the word work is shaped by the social and cultural context in which a person is embedded. My family has been the key factor in shaping my definition of work. They have instilled the idea that hard work equals success in me. I have been taught to always put forth my greatest effort when doing a job and that one day I will be rewarded for all of my hard work. Growing up, I always helped work on the farm. I have done everything from working cattle to bucking bales. I was not paid money for this job, but I was compensated in other ways. By working hard, I was always rewarded with a good meal, a roof over my head, and the additional necessities I needed. School has also played a big role in the way I perceive work. I was always taught to get a good education by going to college. With this good education I could then get a good job and make more money. School has taught me that money matters. A person needs money to survive, and that no one wants to be poor.People choose to work for many reasons. I do not believe that there is a universal answer as to why people work. However, I believe it is a combination of many possible choices. I believe one of the main reasons people work is to earn money. As I was taught in school, you need money to pay bills and purchase items. You cannot survive...

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