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The Measures Of The Bolsheviks To Maintain Power And Address The Problems Of Russia Before The Outbreak Of Civil War

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The Measures of the Bolsheviks to Maintain Power and Address the Problems of Russia Before the Outbreak of Civil War

After the Bolsheviks seizure of power in November 1917, Lenin needed
to ensure all previously made promises were kept and that Russia's
increasing problems were resolved. The Bolsheviks were a relatively
small party with big plans for Russia - a communist state. Is this
were to be possible Lenin would need to gain greater support.

Lenin made several crucial decisions in the early days of ‘peace,
bread, land and all power to the soviet’. One his first major changes
was the Decree on Land, by making decrees Lenin was being hugely
hypocritical as he was ruling in a very similar way to the former
Tsar, Nicholas, that is much like a dictator. The Decree on Land
passed over control of the land to peasant soviets and district land
committees. Land was confiscated from the church, the crown and the
nobility and redistributed to the peasants. This, however, purely put
a stop to the peasants seizure of land that the Bolsheviks had openly
encouraged to begin with, as part of his ‘war to the death against the

Another attempt made by Lenin to both solve a problem of Russia and,
at the same time, gain support, was the Decree on Workers Council
which allowed the workers to run the factories, by means of trade
unions and soviets. This, however, did not have the desired effect as
workers began to flee, as food shortages increased, to the countryside
in search of bread. ‘Bag-men’, or town traders, took machinery, scrap
machinery and timber from their workplaces to trade for grain in the
country. The population of Petrograd fell by a third in the build up
to the civil war. The workers did not want to stay in towns and
cities when money was slowly becoming worthless. Bolshevism was more
or less unknown outside of Petrograd, Moscow and the other main towns
and cities, ad so Lenin needed as much support here as possible.

Lenin finally...

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