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The Media Essay

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The media is the main source for informing us about government, politics, worldwide events, etc. I am finding the differences and similarities of the articles from 3 dominant news sources – CNN, NBC, and Fox – to see how each of them framed the anniversary of Gettysburg Address in their articles. How these 3 dominant news channels frame their stories are how people are going to shape their opinion on the event. The textbook definition of framing is “the power of the media to influence how events and issues are interpreted” (Lowi 423). I think the media uses framing to make people think a certain way about a subject, person, event, etc. News sources are going to frame stories so they can influence their viewers to think and feel the way they do by choosing what news stories or events they want to cover. News sources can use framing to distract or inform us on important problems and think in a biased way (Lowi 423).
CNN‘s article “Gettysburg Address: The lost art of the quotable speech” is the longest article and has the most pictures; it has original photos of Lincoln when he delivered his famous Gettysburg Address speech on November 19, 1863. It also has a video of an Abraham Lincoln impersonator reciting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address speech, slides that show which top 5 states quoted Lincoln’s speech the most on Facebook, and two stacked bar graphs showing statistics obtained from Facebook data. “Dennis Baron, a professor of English and linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign” and “James Cornelius, curator of the Lincoln Collection in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum” are quoted in this article (Saida). Baron believes that Lincoln gave a powerful speech because he wanted to leave a powerful impression (Saida). Cornelius believes that “Lincoln was able to get straight to the point and deliver a punchy speech” (Saida). Lincoln didn’t beat around the bush. Cornelius also used this article as advertising because he talks about the Lincoln library’s gift shop where you can buy a t-shirt with one of Lincoln’s quote (Saida). This article is framed in a friendly and positive view, unlike the FOX article, toward Lincoln because they wanted their readers and viewers to know that Lincoln wrote his own speeches, which were powerful, unlike most politicians today that have people write their speeches for them, and that Lincoln is still being quoted today (Saida). CNN believes that the speech has an impact on people today because people are still tweeting about it and quoting Lincoln on Facebook.
NBC News’ article “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address a powerful second act: author” is the shortest article out of the three articles. It didn’t have any videos it only had a picture of a woman taking a picture of a copy of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Speech (Roth). I thought that this picture was useless because it isn’t related to the article, besides the fact that it was a copy of Lincoln’s speech; they just put up a...

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