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The Media And Comparative Politics Essay

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Today, in our society, a major form of educating the public is through media. Media is constantly playing key roles for our political system along with informing the public with crucial knowledge about other countries. It has helped changed the way the human population interacts with each other as well as developing a more unified opinion among the subjects, which it affects. Media is a form of communicating with one another that tries to provoke a certain message. Usually it is opinionated in some way that persuades the audience to agree with what they are watching.
We consider media to be television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. All of these forms have one sole purpose and that is to relay a message to its audience. Both positive and negative results can come from this. Usually it manipulates information for ones own benefit. In different governments, politicians as well as interest groups do this on a daily basis to persuade others to support their beliefs. Then media is brought up again when discussing comparative politics, playing a crucial role when comparing struggles among State borders. Government has heightened power when using the different forms of media because the dramatic influence the media plays to its viewers. Without the usage of media, we would be unable to obtain important information as fast and we would be unaware of other events taking place in our world. Media today, is what tries to build our world into one globally involved community.
One of the major ways that media attempts to manipulate and educate the audience’s beliefs is through propaganda. The purpose for this is to exaggerate information and have viewers constantly discussing what they observed. By doing this, the advertisement sticks with the audience and then they can help persuade other people’s opinions. It causes a ripple effect and then can lead to a relatively unified public opinion.
A well-known example of this is Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and corruption throughout his State. He manipulated the people of Germanys perspective and influenced them to elect him as chancellor. Hitler did this by making speeches, creating posters and having...

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