The Media And Political Campaigns Essay

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It has long been said that the media has the potential to make a candidate known as well as make a well known candidate become unpopular by giving either more media coverage or media blackout. It is interesting to see just how the media can play with people’s psychology and influence their decisions to a great length. In this issue paper, the learner investigates the contribution that the media has on political campaigns. The major issue under concern in this paper is the extent of media coverage that is accorded to particular candidates. Under this topic, there will be focus on issues like the contributions that technology in media broadcast has on political campaign candidates. For example, do YouTube and High Definition Televisions play a role in boosting or destroying a political campaign candidate? This will then be followed by coverage of potential media biasness that has been recorded in the past and the level of consistency in the same. The effect of these biases on political candidates especially those vying for the post of presidency and other top seats will be discussed. The learner will introduce some personal rationale of these issues and their contribution to making or breaking a political campaign candidate.
It is inevitable that the world today is living at a time when technology is evolving at such a fast rate, such that the media as well as the politicians have to think of ways to integrate their political and personal ambitions on the same platform and rhyme to their own good. To the media houses and giants, politics gives them the best opportunities get hype from potential advertisement customers where they earn more income from. Bernt argues that the media is more like a vehicle in which the politicians board to achieve their political ambitions “at all costs” (473 +).
Take for example, the issue that is raised by Crupi (12, 13) on the utilization of YouTube technology in political campaigns and the use of High Definition TV on the same, there are definite winners and losers. For example, during the 2008 political campaigns, it was strongly believed that the occupant of the Oval Office in that general election would have to utilize YouTube as well as proper utilization of High Definition TV if they had to win the election (Crupi, 12). True to the media predictions, the two media technologies, backed by stronger media coverage and in-depth analysis of each clip made it possible for some candidates to succeed in their political ambitions. During the political campaigns, Sarah Palin’s image was made to appear as being tiny and flickering showing some sort of intimidation and negative publicity that eventually worked to her disadvantage (Crupi, 12).
Surprisingly, Sarah Palin outdid Sen. Joe Biden on their media debate yet she had poor media coverage and was being downplayed by big media houses like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal (Crupi 12). The question that arises at this point is:...

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