The Media As An Unstoppable Force

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The media is an unstoppable force that will be around for as long as people need to be told how to spend there money and what to be afraid of. Not only is the media unstoppable it is misleading. "Do you have a magnifying glass I cant read this"? Fine print it's every where. As technology becomes more and more prevalent in every one's day to day life the media is finding it easier to confuse and deceive the consumer. Various research has been preformed to see if this fine print is affecting people. Most likely the results will show that fine print or some other kind of misleading ad will affect you every day. The "ads" found to be most deceiving were those of car dealers and phone companies.Picture this, you are reading the paper one Saturday morning when your eyes fall on an ad that reads: "VW JETTA, $199 a MONTH!" You turn the page and try to forget about it, but it's no use. You're still thinking, "$199 a month how is that possible. " Sure, we all know that advertisers stretch the truth farther than the waistband of a sumo wrestler's boxer shorts. but its in our human nature to be curious and look on. This type of ad is called the "grabber" it is used widely in many forms by dealers everywhere. The ad will say something like Free in big bold letters to catch your eye but if you look closely the truth is hidden in the words that are not all fancy and bold.The media also has a large influence on the youth of the nation some of which are positive and others that are negative. Children's programing is filled with etiquette trying to teach them right from wrong. This of course is a positive influence. Kids don't just watch show that are intended for them to watch though. Many parents leave the T.V. on as a sort of baby sitter enabling them to do what they need to do. This enables kid to view various things in which young viewers should not be seeing. At any...

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