The Media Displaying Stereotypes Inaccurately....Especially The Jewish Religion

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Stereotypes in the MediaWhy does the media feel they need to portray different races, religions, genders, and ethnic group inaccurately? Do they feel this type of entertainment will sell? In television shows and feature films people are mocked, made fun of, and stereotyped depending on how people visualize them. They are portrayed unrealistically and something should be done about it. I believe some television shows and movies offend people and undermine their morale. The media should display images of the public more accurately.The dictionary defines a stereotype as a generalized image of a person or group, which does not acknowledge individual differences and which is often prejudicial to that person or group. Generalizations are made because of experiences we have had ourselves, read about in books and magazines, seen in movies or television, or have had related to us by friends and family.Stereotypes that affect me in particular have to do with being Jewish. Jewish men are portrayed as perfect husbands. But the Jewish community pays a stiff price for the popularity of Jewish men: the stereotyping of Jewish women. Jewish women are portrayed as greedy, selfish, spoiled, and obsessed with their appearance. The whining Jewish princess wanting her way is another typical portrayal of Jewish women. It is not uncommon to hear Jewish men (and boys) complaining to one another, or nodding in agreement with their non-Jewish friends, that Jewish women are too pushy, assertive, materialistic, and aggressive. What they really mean, but refuse to say, is Jewish women are too educated and as a result, too independent for many Jewish men who want to be supported but never challenged.Television shows and movies have a numerous amount of stereotyped characters. The '90s hit television shows produced a list of desirable Jewish men, including David Schwimmer on Friends, Paul Reiser on Mad About You, and ER's Mark Green. Jewish men are considered good marriage material: highly educated, stable, upper middle class, sensitive, family oriented, non violent, and generally responsible. The Jewish men who produce and write television shows don't like to create Jewish women characters because they just don't like them. They use the term JAP (Jewish American Princess) and Jewish mother jokes for cheap, reliable laughs.There is nothing better than a Jewish man. On Will and Grace, Grace Adler has a typical Jewish mother, overbearing and always trying to fix her up with rich Jewish men. She shows up unexpectedly to tell her she needs to get married and hands her the...

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