The Media Doesn't Cause Violence In America, Americans Cause Violence In America!

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Everyday violence is portrayed in the media. Should Americans blame the media for causing all of the violent acts happening today? Although the media may contribute to a large amount of today's crime rate poor family environments, mental illness, and poverty contributes to violent acts much greater then the media does."People from violent or broken homes are more likely to commit violent acts" (Kay 1995). Children who witness family violence or who are victims themselves have a better chance to become a violent being. Children that are raised in violent homes never learn appropriate ways to deal with conflict. As they grow older they believe that the only way to fix their problem is to resort to violence. Also, children who are in families going through divorce or other single parent families always have a lack of stability in their home. These unstable environments create uncertainty in a child's mind. This usually makes violence an outlet for anger or an answer for problems. If a person's relationship with their family is faulty then they'll have a poor judgment for resolving problems, and of course the only resolution that they might think is reasonable is violence.Another cause of violence in our world is mental illnesses; some effects from these psychological problems is the use of violence. When a person commits a violent act it is usually because of frustration from economical or social problems. But when a mentally ill human being commits some sort of violent act it is usually to share their "hurt" or "pain". These feelings of violence and hurt can come from a range of psychological problems such as rage or paranoia. If someone who has a mental defect is insulted or mislead then they believe that they should gain revenge. " Another factor that can influence the use of violence is the inability to communicate with others or they are unable to control their own impulses"(Meridian). This, of...

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