The Media Presents Negative Role Models

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The media has a strong influence on society, both negatively and positively. So when children as young as 6 are being influenced by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears; we as a society have lost site in what it is to be a positive influence. Kathleen Deveny and Raina Kelly raised awareness in their article “Girls Gone Bad?” which depicts the bad behavior and influences set by celebrities such as Hilton, Lohan, and Spears have any long term affects on young women. Are young women so riveted to the highlights of these celebrities and the media that surrounds their lifestyle that, as Deveny and Kelly boldly puts it, we are raising ‘prosti-tots’? Or can our young women look beyond the bad behavior with lavish lifestyles, and still make a wise decision based on common sense? Not only are young women bombarded with the lifestyle of these celebrities produced by the media but they are plagued with images of how they should behave and what they should look like. This is an adolescent crisis in a young woman’s life because from the stages of preteen to near adulthood is when young women are most susceptible to influence.
Kathleen Deveny and Raina Kelly highlighted that “77 percent of Americans believe that Britney, Paris, and Lindsay have too much influence on young girls.” (¶ 4.6-8) These three celebrities are always in the media, so much so that we know just about everything that’s going on in their lives. Britney’s tacky lifestyle of erratic behavior, two over-night marriages that failed, a bizarre head-shaving episode, a few admittance to a mental hospital and losing custody of her children more or likely based on her behavior she shows to be an unfit mother. Under her 29 year-old belt, Britney portrays the lifestyle of how a young woman should live before they reach the age of 30. Britney’s gal-pal Paris and Lindsay are no different. Paris’s over crazed sex-tape release catapulted her celebrity status, which she used to her advantage to prelude her raunchy behavior. From jumping from one man to the next to being charged with illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana, Paris has been showing young women how to act and behave as they grow in society. Paris has also been cited multiple times for driving under the influence of alcohol and as a final result, under a mass televised media she was bought to jail. Lindsay Lohan has similar traits as she parades around with wearing the shortest and tightest of clothing, as well as multiple drug charges along with DUIs, in and out of rehab, and the confusing nature of her sexual orientation. These bunches are under the age of thirty who are known for their immoral behaviors and are referred to as a posse of panty-less party girls whose lifestyle are continuously being posted by some form of media. No wonder young women are made to believe that behavior such as this is a suitable way of being.
There’s no doubt that some young women are...

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