The Media's Ability To Control Our View Of The World

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With the coming of television and the internet, are we or are we not a more informed community? (Orwell, 1984) Essentially, this statement requires a profound study in order to determine the impact of news media ability to control the agenda and ultimately impact our view of the world.

First, let us differentiate these two sources of communication because there is a major difference between television and internet as a mass media communicating tool. Television focuses more on broad commercial needs of people and is highly dependent on paid advertisement compared to the internet, which is closer to very specific needs. In other words, television advertisement and programming are tailor-made to get a larger audience in order to influence the listener to buy a specific product regardless of his culture and background. (Porter, 2005)

Comparatively, a commercially internet source based of advertisement focuses more on specific clienteles who require specialized knowledge of issues predetermined in advance. For example, the internet users seek specific information on a given subject. This subject when identified in the internet search objective, will become the target of internet advertisers only at this specific moment and only advertisers involved in the specialized product will be demonstrating their products. In television, it would not matter who is listening, and on what particular level of interest the listener has. The people who watch television will get the whole thing regardless of what their needs are. In the internet, the advertisers will respond by supplying information which is only specific to the specialized topic. Consequently, the advertiser will relate to the specific subjects the user is seeking. (Previte, 1999)

One way or another, both means of communication, whether they are internet or television focuses in supplying information that ends up contributing to influence the way people live. Therefore the context in which advertisement operates relates to news mass media's ability to influence people.

The influence of advertisement is proportional to the frequency of repetition of the same message. People in the advertisement business, often call advertisement by using the word "media." Advertisement or media is achieved by printing newspapers and magazines; or spoken announcement in television and radiobroadcasts; or display posters on the internet. (Previte, 1999)

There are various rating methods used to estimate the number of people who listen to any particular advertisement. This is very important in order to establish the cost of the product advertised. The Sponsor paying for the advertisement is usually required to contract for a series of programs. These programs have to be acceptable to the media used to display the advertisement. The advertisers are remunerated accordingly in proportion to the rating the program. Specialized firms do the rating...

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