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In today’s’ modern world, the media effects so many current events, and problems that is happening in our nation. . Media is a major source, for entertainment, news, politics, and current events. News and politics are all apart of propaganda, and can be very misleading and bias depending upon on who’s telling it.
The News spits out a lot of truth and also some false misinformed information. It’s stated in the Media and Conflict in the twenty first century that, “Robinson developed a sophisticated policy–media interaction model that predicts that media influence is likely to occur when policy is uncertain and media coverage is critically framed and empathizes with suffering people.” W. Lucas Robinson is a researcher and lecturer within the F.U.N.K. Centre at Agder University College. The media does influence people’s thought’s and makes them question certain beliefs. There have been many false stories to go viral. Stories are believed, because people trust the information from news sources. There are stories and information about celebrities that’s news, and may not always be right. News can be valuable, but also demeaning.
However, media sources views are strongly influenced by politics. Or does the media influence the results of politics? Either way, they both have some type of effect on each other. Media sources comes in all different types and forms; radio, television, internet, and billboards. As soon as word comes out about a new policy, presidential elections, debates, current events, and any other events, the media becomes super aggressive. Major television news sources are CNN, ABC, FOX, and NBC; they’re some of the quickest to get new information. Although, there information may be true, it can also be bias. When it comes to politics, every station has their certain views that they side with, especially when it comes to the election. For the most part you can tell which television channel sides with which candidate. Usually, the news channels that agree with a candidate really emphasize the good in them, and will highlight the bad in the other candidate. Jonathan Stray is a journalist and computer scientist who wrote an article about the media’s influence on elections, stated,“And if voters are also readers, a candidate who is twice as popular might get twice the number of views and shares.” Voter’s decisions may be based...

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