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The Media’s Negative Influence On Society

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The Media’s Negative Influence on Society
There is a lot of controversy about how the media affects people, but in my opinion I think the influence we get is more negative than positive. The media is one of the things that impact people the most because in today’s society it is impossible to ignore. It influences the ways in which we dress, speak, act and think. Media is fed to us through movies, television, radio, social media, music, and magazines. I believe mass media is pressuring the way woman and girls want to look, twists reality, and is sexist towards woman without people even realizing.
I think the most dominant affect the media has is on young women. The number one message the media sends is that all females must be skinny to be happy and successful. It expresses the idea that being fat, or even a normal weight, is completely abominable. The majority of runway models are considered to be anorexic. To me, being anorexic does not sound so nice but so many girls aspire to look that that. According to statistics found on the ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) website, 69% of girls in grades 5 to 12 reported that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape. This is crazy because models weight so much less than their ideal weight and if girls are looking up to that, so many girls will be unhealthy and unhappy. Second, the media brainwashes young girls with the wrong definition of sexy. In many ads, music videos, and even in video games, females wear indecent outfits, or no clothes at all! This is now considered normal in our culture. A Cosmo Girl poll shows that 85% of their readers think there is more sex in the media now than in their youth. So many adults believe sex plays a bigger role in culture than 25 years ago. Celebrities have encouraged the need for girls to look sexy. Because girls are exposed to such sensual images at a young age, they are more prone to mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, and self – esteem issues. Also, ads like Lasenza and Victoria’s Secret send a message that being sexy all the time is a vital rule all women should follow. A teenager’s main source of information about sex comes from what they pick up in the media. In television shows, music videos and video games, dressing skimpy, hooking up, and casual sex is totally normal. The problem is that there is rarely any mention of protection or STDs. This makes people in real life forget about those things, which leads to unexpected pregnancies and the spread of STDs. After the media demands you to be thin, it also wants you to be provocative and sexual, which I think is completely unrealistic.
The media expresses an image, behavior, and lifestyle that are unrealistic for many people. ANAD says that the perfect body portrayed in advertisements is possessed naturally by only 5% of American girls. What many people do not understand, is that celebrities, models, and even News Reporters...

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