The Media Techniques Used To Produce D Day Landing On The Saving Private Ryan And The Longest Day

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The Media Techniques Used to Produce D-day Landing on the Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day

The D-Day landing must have been one of the most brutal battles
between the Americans and the Germans during the World War 2. Both
"Saving Private Ryan" and "The Longest Day" were produced as films to
represent the brutality of what the D-Day was like. However, although
both films were similar in the perspective of the factual storyline,
their standards of filming and production were different due to the
time they were filmed. Darryl F. Zannuk filmed "The Longest day" in
1962 and Steven Spielberg filmed "Saving Private Ryan" in 1998. Zannuk
created the film only after 18 years after the Second World War and
the international affairs were still at its worst due to the cold war
crisis. Therefore the brutality and the accuracy of the fighting in
the film were more vague than Saving Private Ryan. From the
information I gathered the movie seemed quite accurate. The German
High Command was extremely confused during the early hours of the
invasion. Also the scene showing an immense number of troops and the
number advantage over the Germans turned out to be quite accurate
rather than implying that, that scene was there to show patriotism of
the Americans. The information I gathered said that the invasion force
consisted of more than 5,000 ships, 1,200 warships and 13,000
airplanes. Some 90,000 U.S., British, Canadian, and Free French troops
landed on the beaches of Normandy while about 20,000 more came by
parachute or glider. There are as I mentioned, scenes, which
de-emphasised the horror of death in combat. There are also some
scenes in which were altered dramatically. For example, during the
WWII, the landings of the assault crafts were more difficult than
shown in the movie. Soldiers were dropped off in water over their
heads and had to use life jackets to keep afloat until they reached
the shore, where they collapsed with exhaustion. The famous Spielberg
film Saving Private Ryan was far more brutal and descriptive in
showing the difficulty and pain that the soldiers experienced. However
Spielberg was only able to do this, as there was a big difference in
time between the last major battles that implied major effect on the
public. Before Vietnam, Spielberg could not have made Saving Private
Ryan as the public wouldn't have accept or allow it due to the major
effect media of the war had on the American public. However the
Vietnam War gave Spielberg how real it felt using hand held cameras
and up-close details of blood, fear, pain and trust.

In "The Longest Day" the shots were firstly taken of the German's
perspective. The shots were taken from two separate cameras changing
scene to and fro throughout the conversation, showing the fear of the
Germans. Then the shot changed to the...

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