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The Medias Power Towards Consumers Essay

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The media provides us with information useful to what consumer are looking for in a product. However, the media is causing people to think badly of themselves, and is giving them an idea of what people are supposed to look like. It gives false impressions how people should really look, causing them to harm themselves, and others; this is something that can be fixed. In ways like this, the media helps limit our ideas, understanding of our worth, and our full potential.

People, because of ads, hurt themselves and others because they either want to look like the people in the ads, or because someone else does not reach their own standards. Right now there are eight-million people in America suffering from self-inflicted eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, just to gain a desirable body type. For example, The Center for the Study of Commercialism states that, “people seeing these commercial images may be influenced into thinking an ultra-thin body is more normal than an average one,” (The Center of the Study of Commercialism SB 127). This is because people want to look somewhat flawless, thinking this how people are supposed to look, because this is what is shown in ads. In addition to eating disorders, people are hurting others by comparing them with the models shown in ads. For instance, The Center for the Study of Commercialism states that, “people will suffer negative feelings about others, whether related to appearance or something else,” (The Center for the Study of Commercialism SB 128). This shows that other people are suffering because of the words of another, because they do not reach a certain standard; this is causing people to lose their confidence in the process. When people are trying to get the body they want they will go to no extent in order to get what is apparently needed. Every time we see a seemingly perfect model in ads people will do anything in order to look like that, even if it means hurting themselves and others; this is something that can be fixed.

Ads portray people with no imperfections what so ever and offer a limit, narrow image of reality. In the media men and women are shown with clear complexions, and show little concern about physical appearance, even though this is not always true. For example, according to The Center for the Study of Commercialism, “ads tend to convey the idea that appearance is all important,” (The Center for...

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