The Medicaid Health Care Program Of The Us Needs Certain Amendments To Meet The Growing Health Needs Of The American Citizens.

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IntroductionMedicaid and other health programs have been dominating the current status of US communities and societies. The present health situations give solutions to the US health necessities. Cooperation in the aspect of US communities regarding the implementation of Medicaid has been the famous philosophy in the previous decades wherein sustainability and growth of this health program are slowly gaining freedom within the nation's boundaries. The implementation of Medicaid is the present development amongst the health sector of the US in its goal to maximize the health services and provide grater health security for its people. However, this does not always happen particularly among underprivileged communities that currently are not cooperative with the implementation of Medicaid.Nations like the US that are fully modernized have long been finding and searching ways and assets to improve the quality of health of their citizens. The US, which is considered as a third world nation, has been wishing of establishing the strength of Medicaid that will guarantee the great quality of lives ahead for their people. Currently, the US pins their hopes in the potential entry of businessmen and multinational companies that give funding for various endeavors of Medicaid, giving the American people health insurance opportunities within their communities. In the previous years, the American public has seen a developing worry and anxiety among countries and/or nations by maximizing international loans and the reduction of deficits. The consequence of this calamity has established the necessity for all nations in the globe to make initiatives to empower their health service programs in becoming a progressive country (Bove, 1996).The US and MedicaidA. The Beginnings of Medicaid in the USDuring the early 20th century the US has faced various government and political changes and dilemmas in as a result of their poor quality of health programs. As a result of these circumstances, there have been four (4) major political developments that have been evident from these health issues. These include: (a) the emergence for the importance of freedom and amendments in the provision of health programs in the US; (b) improved participation of the people and their clamor for changes in the health programs in the US; (c) increased responsibility and vigilance of the American people; (d) shaping up of the ideas of governance and health programs. Also, the types of political cultures have gradually changes from a bipolar (huge government-huge enterprise) to a tri-polar framework (leaders - private communities- citizens).In the collaborated initiatives and cooperation that the idea of the establishment of Medicaid guarantees to the US communities, the leaders and the legislators in America used their power and capacity to manage conflicts that their communities faced and inquired for solutions. A conflict between the organizations as well as the inclusion of the Medicaid program...

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