The Medical Similarities Between Dogs And People.

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Even though animals and humans are of different species, there are definite similarities in their behavior and health care. Dogs, like humans, require periodic health checkups. Additionally, dogs, like babies, cannot verbalize their pains. However, changes in behavior, such as: lack of appetite, tiredness, crying, and lack of energy are indications to their owners or parents that something is wrong or bothering them. There are many examples that can illustrate these parallels in human and canine life. These comparisons are evident practically from birth.Puppies instinctively breast-feed. Their mother's first milk, called colostrum (thin yellowish fluid filled with protein, anti-bodies and minerals), gives them protection from disease germs. The antibodies in the mother's milk protect the puppies for about the first six weeks. These antibodies come either from the mother's own experience in fighting disease, or from vaccines that the mother received. When this maternal immunity is in affect, it also blocks the effectiveness of vaccines in the newborn puppies. Therefore vaccinations are not given until the puppies are seven to eight weeks old. At that point, the maternal immunity has started to wear off. ('Pet Medicine' p.25)Vaccinations for puppies continue every few weeks until they are fourteen weeks old. Booster shots must also be given at various intervals. Dogs who are not given their regular shots can develop otherwise preventable diseases. ('Pet Medicine' p.25)Babies breast-feed the same way as puppies do, and for the same reasons. Babies receive immunity to various infections through the colostrum (the fluid that comes out before the actual milk and with the milk). Even though it contains very little iron, breast milk has a form of iron that is unusually well digested and absorbed by the baby. Most breast-feeding stops between nine to twelve months of age, however some children nurse until the age of two or later. ('Dr. Spocks' p.105)Vaccinations are only slightly different for babies, and only because they have to receive vaccinations for more diseases. Out of the six vaccinations babies are given, only one of them starts at birth. The rest begin at two months of age or later. The vaccinations mostly start at the age of two months and stop by the age of sixteen years, if you give the vaccination at the oldest possible age it can be received. The diseases that babies/children are vaccinated for are: DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), Polio, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), HIB (haemophilus influenzae), Varicella and Hepatitis B. ('Dr. Spocks' p.230 and p.236)Another physical feature that both humans and dogs have to consider is pregnancy prevention. There are ways to prevent pregnancy in both male and female dogs. The male dog can be altered by either a vasectomy or by castration. A vasectomy involves tying off the spermatic cord. Castration involves removing the testicles. ('Pet Medicine' p.26)In female dogs there are more options in...

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