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The Medicine Before & Now Essay

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The medicine before & now

Medicine has changed a lot from the past until now, but it is still considered in the field of health care.Medicine these days has changed a lot because of advances in technology.Medicine in the past was dependent on man knowledge and experience not in specialized knowledge as with new medicine. New medicine depends on the study of biology and cell life history. There is a similarity between medicine now and in the past e.g. The principle, the concept and the belief. They are different in the way of diagnoses, medical equipment, medication and the way of treatment.
In the past and present,when people got sick they would go to a doctor to treat them so it’s the ...view middle of the document...


In old medicine and new one doctor used to detect the diseases with symptoms. In the past doctors used to detect the obvious symptoms, but now in addition to the obvious symptoms. There are new ways to detect the cause of illness for instance bold tests, toxic leaves and alcohol leaves. With the development and rise in publication diseases got more lethal and some of the diseases share the same symptoms like fever or rash on the skin so in past doctors may not be able to describe the right disease. Now with technology doctors run tests on the bacteria or virus cell and study it and know what receptor proton attach to the target cells so later they can detect the cause of illness easily. In order to improve health care doctors are concerned to detect the illness quickly to avoid diseases's complications.

The ways of treatment 

In the past people use simple ways like use a medical recipe. On the other hand, today they use a complex chemical medication. In the past they used some plant because it is effective, but today they just use the effective substance and mix it with other things to make it more effective.

Today's medicine has improved health by using a vaccine to immunize people from pandemic diseases. There is new motto called "one world one health."And this means that's we should treat the disease itself by finding the breakout of it. Some times these kinds of diseases start in a poor country there is no medical care so cures the disease before it got spread better than keep it until it got spread. Another thing to mention that in the present we have an anesthetic that used in the procedure and...

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