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The Medieval Synthesis In The Arts Ca.(1000 1300) Chartres Cathedral

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The Medieval Synthesis in the Arts ca. (1000-1300) thirteen century Gothic Church. The Chartres Cathedral Church is one of the most important in France. After a fire in 1134 destroy the town of Chartres the west front of the cathedral. The rebuilding of the west facade between 1145-50. It was once known as Notre Dame de Chartres but today is known as Chartres Cathedral. This church has the essential parts of a Christian basilica. The cathedral is locates in the town of Chartres, Northwester France. It is one of three Gothic French architecture and the others are Amiens Cathedral and Reims Cathedral. The cathedral has two pointed arches, buttresses, vaults, and beautiful stained glass windows. The large pointed arches soaring towards the heaven. This church symbolize it Age of Faith. The south rose centers the image of Christ and about the Evangelists, Apocalypse, and prophets and the Virgin Mary. Chartres Cathedral was dedicating to the Virgin Mary.” Chartres Cathedral contains 176 stained-glass windows; the stained glass was intended to be educational. The five windows of the choir semicircular arrangement relate in various ways to the Virgin Mary. The rose window in the portrays figures from the Old Testament. The south transept, which is represented of the New Testament, has a rose window depicting the Apocalypse.”(Encyclopedia Britannica). The historical moments the cathedral amount of sculpture, miniatures statues, and the great rose windows at Chartres Cathedral. The church was to bring salvation, spiritual instruction and moral education for the followers of Christ.
This work is typical for this era because the architectural style Gothic is known for its height being tall and made from stone and tall flying buttresses and ribbed groin vaults and raised stained windows. The Romanesque style consists of round arches and groin vaults and both style, tall were made out of stone. The glass rose windows demonstrated royalty, the aristocracy, biblical royalty, angels, and guilds tradesmen. The most enlighten was the message express on the doors. For example, “Mary and the Christ Child stand between four Old Testament prophets who carry on their shoulders the four evangelists, visually representing the idea that Jesus had come to fulfill the Hebrew Law(Matthew 5:17(”( Fierro).
The Chartres Cathedral has two tall soaring towers reaching toward the heavens. “First, the Gothic got rid of the rounded arches utilized in the Romanesque and instead pointed arches were because they could better direct the weight to the ground and thereby allowed for greater height.”( The Chartres Cathedral consists of flying buttresses and 176 rose glass stained windows. This cathedral was also dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It’s also stands out because during that time Gothic experience with stained glass color such as blue, which is known as Chartres Blue. A color such as yellows,...

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