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The Meltdown Of Chernobyl Essay

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Have you ever thought of what would happen to you if there was a nuclear bomb that blew up near you? If so, have you wondered what would happen? Not just to you, but to everything around it, the atmosphere? All the radiation fumes would be floating in the air, what are the affects? You would never think it would happen that a plant would blow up either, because they got the best trained workers there. But you’re wrong. Millions of people had to suffer from the greatest nuclear accident, Chernobyl.

The nuclear explosion of Chernobyl was without a doubt the world’s greatest nuclear accident. It happened on Saturday April 26, 1986. There was only about three percent of the reactors core that escaped the bomb, but there was enough nuclear power that was let out to kill people around it. It also damaged and killed food and crops that were worldwide.

The nuclear explosion happened where it received its name from the town Chernobyl. Chernobyl was a small town in the Ukraine that was near the Belarus border. The town’s population was about twelve thousand five hundred. Two rivers ran past the Pripyat River and the Dniepr River that went right past the nuclear power station.

The USSR generated about ten percent of the world’s nuclear power, only using forty three reactors in 1986. There was twenty seven thousand Mega Watts of electricity that was produced. Along with another thirty six reactors they were still under production to produce thirty seven thousand Mega Watts of electricity. While they were still planning there were another thirty four reactors that would eventually equal up to thirty six thousand Mega Watts of electricity. During the year of the nuclear bomb accident there were four of the reactors in the Chernobyl nuclear power station that were the most modern date to the RBMK type. But during this time there was still two more reactors that were still under there structure.

RBMK is one of the two types of the reactors that the Soviets built for the manufacture of nuclear power. It was developed by the soviets from models that were from the before that was used to generate nuclear weapons. It also produced hear for district heating.

This diagram is the layout of Reactors compartment three and four were at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. Compartment four was the one that was destroyed in the accident.
Before the disaster Chernobyl was rated one of the safest nuclear power stations. Three months before the explosion the Soviet official said, “the odds of a meltdown occurring at Chernobyl are 1 in 10,000 years.” Before the accident the government staff that investigated the plant found out that there were several accidents and emergency shutdowns.

The day of the explosion the reactor had reached one hundred and twenty times its full power. The radioactive fuel was disintegrated and the pressure from the entire overload of the steam which was supposed to go to the turbines broke, and every one of the pressure...

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