The Melting Pot Of Us Culture.

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Many aspects surrounding our everyday lives have various affects on our ever- changing culture. I have never been able to fully track down exactly what nationality I am. Having asked my grandparents, aunts, and uncles to answer this question, I have found it to be that none of them have been able to precisely tell me what my ethnic background is. Now that I have learned a little about cultures, I now know that I am part of the great American melting pot. Many characteristics influence my culture, includingfood, music, holidays, medicine, and everyday technology.Of the many things that influence my culture, food is probably the one that has most affect. Everyday there are many choices that I am able to make whether I would like to eat Chinese, Italian, Mexican, or any other type of cuisine that I could possibly desire. To make things even more interesting, I have access to Chicago whenever I have an opportunity to take time away to enjoy any food ranging from Mongolian to Croatian entrees. Every single time I visit one of these unique and wonderful restaurants, I am always taking in a bit of their culture and adding it to my very own.Music is something in my culture that has changed very frequently throughout my entire life. My grandfather is from Kentucky, so he was raised with the love of country music, which my dad also loves and has passed on to me. My mom was raised with bands like the Monkeys and the Temptations so that era of music has also been passed on to me. Presently there are so many types of music you can choose from ranging from rap to heavy metal or even country to hip-hop. The music that most influences me today that I seem to love would probably be that of pop or light alternative music. With the new artists that are putting out more new music everyday, I never know which direction my culture in music will take me to next.Every year, there are certain traditions that are repeated on the same day of each year. These have become part of my culture by just growing up in my family. Holidays are like rituals in our society. Celebrating Christmas by going to church on Christmas Eve each year to celebrate Christ's birth or even decorating the Christmas tree and having that special Christmas...

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The American Melting Pot Essay

1174 words - 5 pages . The United States is a land of immigrants. All of the attacks against the current immigrating peoples have been rehashed from times past when they were labeled against the Irish, Italians, and Puerto Ricans. The German immigrants of yesteryear spoke no more English than the Mexican immigrants of today. America is a melting pot because of its abundant opportunities and freedoms. It seems likely that the attack against the new immigrating

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726 words - 3 pages minds of kids all over the country. Because the series consisted of short cartoons, stereotypes were used frequently to illustrate differences, but in the end we gained a better understanding of the differences among us and the wide variety of cultures which have come together to form what we know today as The United States of America.ReferencesSchoolhouse Rock. (1977). Lynn Ahrens. Retrieved from: on November 27th, 2009. Retrieved November 27th, 2009.Kim, J.R. (nd).

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944 words - 4 pages American society is thought by many to be a free society made up of much diversity in terms of cultures, ethnicity, and gender, just to mention a few. These are mechanisms that contribute to the country's growth and development. Known as a melting pot, the country is made up of many different cultures synthesize into one social group as well as displaying unique identities. it is vital to acknowledge the fact that in order to excuse certain

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2536 words - 10 pages Cultural Diversity and the Impossibility of a True Melting Pot The core standards of America are founded, in principle, on the basis of its diversity and equality among citizens. Begin- ning with its Declaration of Independence, the United States distinguished itself from other modern nation-states by establishing a country of men who were different but equal. Yet, despite the unifying images America projects within and beyond its borders

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921 words - 4 pages individual, and eventually, due to America’s “melting pot” culture, the language itself became individual. The unique language of American dramatic characters represents not only the diversity of the American people, but also the diversity of all human beings. These dramatically dissimilar differences were not typical of older plays when they were written, but now, they are what make American drama so valuable. Our acceptance and love for characters with different values than ours is representative of the love we can develop for those who are different from us. It represents the worldview that our current culture idealizes and strives to achieve: acceptance for all.

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1001 words - 4 pages . With this idea we are more patriotic to the Country that we live in, like in America people consider themselves American above all. It is a way of understanding American identity. Puts everyone as an equal person by bringing them together as one culture, because they are know as an American. Causes America to put up a flag of all the cultures represented. America is a melting pot because all different cultures are represented here. Immigrants

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1693 words - 7 pages individuals from all backgrounds, respect their ideas, and value their opinions. It educates us to accept the drawbacks of others and learn from their strengths. One can only gain by learning to live in a diverse community. Canada creates a community in which individual and group differences bond to form a mosaic, not a melting pot that attempts to camouflage them in a heterogeneous mix. As the advantages of diversity far exceed its disadvantages, it is

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1480 words - 6 pages cultures and races that were American. America is a melting pot because we are Americans, not matter where we came from, we are here now in the United States, and that is our culture. A Brief History of United States Immigration Immigration in America is often broken down into distinct “waves”. These waves were the greatest influxes of immigration into the United States. The first settlements consisted of people from Spain, (in Florida) England, (in

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1024 words - 4 pages behaviour such as law and morality, and systems of belief,"(3) of different nations are claimed to be blended into one global culture described as a melting pot. This term, which was first used for the United States, is "a metaphor for the way in which homogenous societies develop, in which the ingredients in the pot (people of different cultures, races and religions) are combined so as to develop a multi-ethnic society."(5) We can say that

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3512 words - 14 pages The relationship between the principally westernized concept of Rule of Law and the Islamic foundation of Shari'ah law have such fundamental differences that the contemporary melting pot of our multicultural society is being impeded by way of a divergence of customs. Where the premises of multiculturalism is to encourage equality while allowing citizens old and new to maintain their identity and take pride in their ancestry, it is also crucial

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622 words - 3 pages to our society. It is multiculturalism and diversity, in heritage and traditions, and gives our country equality, peace, and new viewpoints. Thus, the most important tradition in the United States of America is the freedom for each person to practice his or her own traditions. The melting pot, by definition, was a boiling down of cultures and personal background to a white, homogeneous, European-American soup that says to speak American when