The Menace Within Essay

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Ian Crvenković #444204Psychology SB112Instructor: Terri RutherfordChapter I & The Menace WithinI have found many sections in this book really intriguing, just because I am reading about the ways the I think everyday and I always thought that I was "The master of my own thoughts and actions" but reading this made me reflect on that. In chapter I of our textbook, the section called " The Limits of Intuition and Common Sense" was definitely the first highlight for me. The interesting part in this section is how we all have a good sense of intuition but it's the way that we use it is what leads us to the right answer or conclusion.The textbook says that to use our intuition properly we have to start somewhere, and how hunches are always a good place to start. But hunches are the final stage where you have to rely on your own opinion on something and for our intuition to steer us the right way we have to start thinking critically, meaning, checking assumptions, asking questions, inviting criticism and testing conclusions. Usually this step is skipped so people make flaws with their intuition.The other highlight is learning about the main mistakes we make when using intuition.The most common flaw when it comes to intuition is called Hindsight Bias. Hindsight bias is defined as "the tendency to believe, after learning an outcome, that we could have predicted it. (Also known as the "I-knew-it-all-along phenomenon"). The reason that hindsight bias is a flaw is because people tend to be really gullible when it comes to concluding something. Most of the time we predict an outcome to something, because it already happened in the past. We make assumptions without any critical thinking. It is really easy to give a reason for something happening and people...

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