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The Mental And Physical Demands Of Golf

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This research paper deals with a topic that I enjoy very much, golf. I wanted to research and see how people feel about the game of golf. For example what are their attitudes toward the game of golf and just basically find out their backgrounds and opinions on the game of golf. I found all this out by using some primary research methods that we discussed in class to gain valuable feedback for my final paper. First of all I broke down my thesis into a simple question and that question was is golf more of a challenge to people mentally or physically. Golf is a relaxing hobby but I also feel that it is the most difficult sport to master and perform at a high level every time you golf. You have to have both the mental and physical parts of your game intact each time out and many do not have that. Both the mental and physical parts of your body are very difficult to control each time you play golf. Also more times that not golf is tougher on a person either mentally or physically. My hypothesis was basically that the people that I would gather my research findings from in the form of surveys, interviews, and case studies would answer in a way that I expected them too. I expected avid golfers such as myself to classify golf more as a mental challenge than a physical challenge. On the other hand I expected older people or people that hardly ever golf to classify golf as more of a physical challenge to them. While I was not able to do any research directly on professional golfers I did some indirect research by watching pro golf on TV. You can still tell by body language if the golfer is struggling mentally or physically on a given day, which is kind of neat to me. My hypothesis was basically proved to be true to a degree on the surface but there is several research findings that I had that were not expected. All of this primary research gave me the material to construct this paper, as you will now see the results of my research in depth.

Before I get to answer my thesis statement directly I first would like to discuss the research methods that I performed. There were three main primary research methods that I used to gather feedback and input for my paper. These methods that I used were a survey, two interviews, and a case study that I performed. First of all I will look at my survey that I constructed to gather feedback from people. I performed a survey on ten people all of whom I knew as they were close friends or relatives. I did this instead of distributing the survey to random people on campus because it interested me more to see the answers to my questions from people that I know then from strangers. The surveys did not have names on them so therefore I did not know who did what survey but it was fun to take a look at the answers and guess who did this one and analyze their answers. In my survey I put several questions that I felt would help me to answer my thesis statement and gather a lot...

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