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The Mental Image Of A Nurse: Nurse Uniform

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The mental image most people think a nurse wears is a white long dress, white stocking and shoes with a white hat. People ask ,what makes a nurse look the way they do? It all started in (1850-1900) the early days of nursing the uniform were based off the habits of religious orders. Uniforms were introduced in the Adelaide Hospital in 1898. When nurses were in training they wore the color blue that also wore a veil (folded square of starched muslin) to protect themselves.The way they knew what kind of trainee they were by color. Blue(ACH), Pink(RAH). What they wore with those colors were white collar, cuffs, and an apron. Before the twentieth century nurses traditionally worn uniforms surgeons worn their own clothes during surgery. Not using anything like sterilized garments or protective wear on any party of their body. Eventually They started practising wear aprons during medical procedures In 1918 the spanish flu pandemic rose awareness about the spread of the dangerous infection. Nurses and doctor started wearing cotton gauze mask to protect themselves from the sick people that they saw. It was believed that the surrounding white apparel with the bright operating lights caused eye strain for surgeons and staff. In results the whole operating room attire was changed to various shades of green by the 1960’s. Benefits that came from changed the color is it reduce eye fatigue and made bloodstains less obvious. In 1970 the surgical green uniform were the standard color at most hospitals. By time goes on we start seeing what nurses wear now which are scrubs.
Most of nursing scrubs are made using blends of polyester and cotton. Some uniforms are a hundred percent polyester material, a hundred percent cotton. The reasons why most scrubs are made out of these material is because it is affordable, drys very quickly, resist wrinkling, and offer hassle-free care. A hundred percent cotton uniforms come with benefits which include durability, unsurpassed softness and virtually no chance of ‘seeing through’ which will be less...

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