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The Psychological Warfare During The Golf War 2.

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The Gulf War Two only lasted only for 3 weeks; 20,000 coalitioncombat troops defeated entire Iraqi troops and occupied most of Iraqi territories.This victory not only proved that high-tech weapons and well-planned strategiesplayed major roles in modern battlefield, but also showed the importance ofpsychological warfare. Psychological warfare had definitely detrimental andbeneficial effects on both sides through out this war.Before the battle was broken out in Iraq, Psychological warfare hadbeen frequently used by the U.S military. It was a phase of war that had nocollateral damage and could avoid slaughtering thousands of innocent people.Their aim was to create an environment in Iraq that promotes surrendering oncethe invasion started. All means of communication were exploited before the firstmissile was ever lunched at Baghdad. The U.S warplane dropped tons of leafletsthrough out Iraqi territories. The messages were clear: either disarm or die forSaddam Hussein. The leaflets were very effective during the Gulf War One sincemost of Iraqi soldiers were holding coalition leaflets when they surrounded. Onthe ground, U.S. official stated that they knew the names of every divisioncommander in Iraq and had made personal phone calls and e-mails to persuadethem not to fight. In the air, U.S. EC130 Commando Sole aircraft controlled theelectronic spectrum of radio, television and military communication bands in afocused area. Those aircrafts constantly flew over Iraq and conducted radiobroadcasts to criticize Saddam Hussein's policies and to explain U.S. role in theregion. Psychological attacks were also lunched by pentagon thought Internet tobreak into Iraqi defense system. Psychological warfare proved to be on of the mostimportant phases of the conflict with Iraq.Although U.S. military also applied psychological warfare during thewar, the goal was the same: to avoid major military conflict with Iraqi Army andreduce casualty of their own. Now imagine Iraqi commanders getting misleadingtext messages on their cell phones. Those messages showed the orders fromSaddam Hussein, but were actually sent by U.S. military in disguise, directingIraqi troops to a trap. Furthermore, a radio interference system confused the Iraqiair defense system by showing U.S. bombers in the wrong location, or heading inthe wrong direction. Disinformation or deceptive psychological tactics werewidely used in the military conflict. During this war, U.S. military helicoptersequipped with huge speakers flew...

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