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The Mentally Impaired Essay

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I spy with my little eye something blue, or is it purple, maybe green? I Spy was one of my favorite games when I was a little girl. Almost everyone as a child that I know played this game, and if you did, and your experience was anything like mine, you got stuck on an object or two a couple of times. If you didn’t play, eye spy was a game where someone said a color of something they saw and you would have to guess what object it was or vice versa. Was it our own vision at fault or that of our friends that we couldn’t find what we were searching for? Doesn’t matter since someone saw something they didn’t actually see. Stephen Jay Gould, a teacher of several subjects at Harvard ...view middle of the document...

A lot of people would say that without the credibility of what someone saw, how could there be any proof of a crime? Your eyesight must be correct every time! In reality, we confuse images and memories way too much to rely only on our eyesight. Gould asks us readers, “how often have we condemned the innocent” because of an “eyewitness testimony.” This is basically telling us that no matter what, our minds will deceive us and we have to find another way to find out the facts. In actuality, evidence can be found by taking finger prints, looking at videos, and other credible techniques. In other words, Just an eyewitness testimony could never convict someone because just by saying you saw something, doesn’t make it true. For example, there was the case of the 11 year old African American boy named George Stinney. In 1929 he was accused of killing two little girls when the only evidence against the young boy was that he was seen speaking to them earlier that day. Decades later, it was found out that he was with his sister at the time the girls were killed and he was innocent. Some might say that this was an act of racism but I think that this shows that what we see might not always be accurate. George Stinney is obviously not the only innocent man convicted of a crime. Some felons are even brought into jail for something that never even happened. Is this normal?
It is normal to recollect a memory that actually didn’t exist. I am currently enrolled in general psychology and the other day we went over the topic of memory. There are...

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